16 Dec 2009
By Gloria Farler

Great customer service begins at home

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Mum was right! If she raised you with basic good manners and somewhere in your childhood you joined the scouts or lifesavers, then you’ve got the groundwork for providing great customer service: courtesy, caring, willingness to serve, and an attitude that lets customers know that they matter and that you care.

Mum knew we needed an occasional refresher on which fork to use, and the odd sharp wake-up call on good manners and treating people right.

Putting yourself in the other person’s shoes is a good place to start – and over the past week, we’ve begun looking for 18,000 pairs of them.

We’ve begun recruiting for our new My Telstra Experience panel – 18,000 people who will have a hand in improving our customer’s experience with Telstra.

Our goal in the My Telstra Experience panel is to find out what’s it really like to be our customer from our customers’ point of view. What is the day-in, day-out ‘customer experience’ we deliver? How does it feel to wait on hold on the phone? To open a package and be uncertain how to follow the instructions? To stand in line, be charged a fee, wait for a service call that was promised? What’s it like to be remembered? To receive helpful suggestions? To get everything exactly as it was promised? To be confident that the answers are the best ones for you?

To create a superior customer experience requires understanding the customer’s point of view, and to truly understand the customer perspective, we recognized that we had to track and analyse customer experience across service channels and over time.

In My Telstra Experience, we have created a forum that gives a voice to the silent customer. Fewer than 10% of dissatisfied customers actually complain to the company, but they do complain to each other. They’ll tell other people, even if they never tell us. We want to give these people every opportunity to tell us how we’re doing, not just once, but over and over again.

And while we know there are things we are not doing well, there is also a lot we do that is great. By identifying both the flaws in our service delivery and also the right stuff – what matters most to customers – we will continually improve the quality of the customer’s experience, reaping rewards in higher customer satisfaction, greater customer loyalty, a larger number of customers and more profits per customer.

We have created My Telstra Experience panel to seek direct, immediate customer feedback – not simply to ensure that problems are fixed but also to build in methods of systematic innovation and improvement. If you’d like to join the My Telstra Experience panel, and have your say, please visit:


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  1. Alistair Robinson says:

    Hi guys, still no modem and it’s now Saturday and 3 weeks with failure to provide me with the internet access I need for work. I’m submitting a cancellation notice I got through the mail.
    Still no sight of the Warranty modem and it’s been over a week now. No phone call following my last post either, except for someone very unintelligable in India taking about Overseas calls rates. Didn’t sound like Telstra and wondering how they got a number I asked not to be listed. Don’t need telemarketers annoying me at all hours.

    Anyway it doesn’t matter now, I don’t like complaining and usually don’t unless it’s warranted. So enough said, I’m cancelling everything and going to someone else.


    • Brendan O'Keefe [TEX Customer Engagement Manager] says:

      Sorry to hear you’re still waiting Alistair. I have escalated and a team that will be in contact as soon as possible.

  2. Alistair Robinson says:

    Sorry Brendan, not interested in escalating the matter. All I want to hear from someone is how to return goods and make sure I’m not going to recieve a $99 bill for a service I don’t have.

    Quite happy to pay for any phone calls I’ve made. Please arrange for someone to send me an itemised bill and I’ll pay for calls, though I’m not paying for connection fees / first month of T-hub payment or any extras etc as it doesn’t work without the modem. I’ve given up so there is no point trying to get a warrenty modem here sooner, I’m not going to commit myself to extremely poor support for the next two years. I am now with another carrier as circumstance has forced it.


    • Brendan O'Keefe [TEX Customer Engagement Manager] says:

      Ok Alistair. I’ve sent your request for someone to call you. All the best.

  3. Marlene says:

    My Telstra Experience – very frustrating to say the least.

    I was already a Telstra home phone customer with a separate Foxtel account and wireless broadband from another provider. Last July, I got a knock on the door from a Telstra salesperson introducing the Home TV Bundle (home phone, Foxtel IQ, ADSL). My first question was its this really true? Is ADSL really available in our area as have been previously advised it wasn’t. The salesperson assured me that Telstra “have just opened up new ports” and ADSL is now available. I still couldn’t believe it but after 48 hours, I signed a contract for the Home TV Bundle.

    2 weeks later, Foxtel IQ got installed. Another week later, I got a call from Telstra advising that they cannot provide us ADSL as its not available. A technician has come & checked but there’s no ports available. This was exactly my query from Day 1.

    In a nutshell, Telstra being the telco giant that it is -sold me a dud – a non existent product. Again, take note – Telstra approached me for this bundle. I didn’t approach Telstra. Now that my Foxtel account has been moved to Telstra and they cancelled on this bundle contract, I’m just weary in receiving my first bill. What are the odds that I will get a bill for the bundle that I’m not even getting?! Telstra, this is a big big joke. You’re sales force are out there selling products that as far as they’re concerned is available. In the meantime, you’re technical group are saying the opposite. Great communication happening there for a tele-communication company.

  4. Karl Symonds says:

    Today I made an enquiry re changing my internet access bundle and spoke with Angela. My first impression was how engaging and easy to understand she was. Angela spent time answering all of my questions and gave me clear advice on how to improve my package. This is good old customer service alive and well. I work in public health customer service and would employ her in a minute. Well done Angela, you have my vote and you are a credit to Telstra.
    Karl Symonds. Sydney NSW.

    • Brendan O'Keefe [T-EX Customer Engagement Manager] says:

      Thanks Karl. Angela will appreciate this feedback. I have forwarded this one to her team leader. Brendan.

  5. Alistair Robinson says:

    Glad someones got a result. I ended up having to post all the equipment, modem, handset, t hub, filters, cables etc back at my expense which wasn’t cheap and got a letter back from Max Samoon saying I didn’t have to pay for the few calls I made (which would have been at cheaper rates on my mobile with another carrier) as a concession and my account was closed. A week later I went to pick up a mystery parcel from Aust post which was presumably the modem so I left it uncollected. Since then I’ve had two bills and the last one was about $400, which I’m ignoring as my account was supposed to have been closed and I haven’t got any equipment and the internet never took of the ground. Brendan, you seem like a nice fellow who can sort things out. Can you please get the billing people to talk to Max’s department and stop sending me bills. Thanks

  6. Jase says:

    I gave up in the end after being on the phone for 6 hours and 49 mins over 4 days trying to sort out a mistake bye telstra and its still not resolved … if I had any other option I would dump telstra in a heart beat and never give them another cent for as long as I draw breath on this Earth .

    • Brendan O'Keefe [T-EX Community Engagement Manager] says:

      Hi Jase, Sorry you’ve been mucked around lately. I’ve asked for a local rep to call you to see if we can get this all sorted for you. Brendan

  7. Ros says:

    Well ! where do I start ? I applied for mobile broadband in March 2011 at $9.95 per month since all my bills would be on the one account. Apart from the major mix up when I actually received TWO modems (lets not go there on that one), its taken until June to get everything on the one bill & its now the end of July & they are still charging me $29.95 per month for the broadband! On top of that, they have charged the wrong billing cycle twice for my other two accounts. I have been into my local Telstra shop, more times than I can remember to get this sorted. Only to be told that the manager is unavailable & he’s the only one that can sort this out. They’ve promised on EVERY occasion that someone would call – no-one ever does. Last time I went in there, they promised that a case manager would be appointed & to expect a call ! WELL I’m STILL waiting !!!! Oh Sorry – I DID get a call tonight – to remind me that my account is overdue ! I tried to call back on the number given in the recorded voice message. Guess what – they only operate between 8.00am & 6.00pm weekdays ! I leave home at 7.45am & get home at 6.30 pm. Call in my 30 minute lunch break you say ? have you tried calling Telstra & getting something resolved in under 30 minutes ?? try 2 hours or longer !!! I’m NOT paying until someone sorts this out! I’m waiting for my call !!! PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. PD says:

    I rang the 132000 number today to make enquiry about a bill. The call went through to a recorded electronic service which eventually indicated that I would be put through to a custome service operator. The call was transferred to another line which seemed to be within a call centre. I could hear details of other calls including personal details but no one seemed to be able to hear me or to know I was on the line, Despite calling out ‘hello’ numerous times. Eventually I hung and started the process all over again.

    After going throught the recored voice automated system again I was eventally put through to a ‘real person’ who asked me a number of quesions about the amounts owing etc but nothing to idenify the account, phone number or myself – which I found quite surprising. Eventually I suggested that he might need the acount number to be able to address my enquiry – When I gave the number, which I supplied. He then asked me to please bear with him, he needed to check something and put me on hold with some very loud music blarring. When the call was picked up again there was a different person on the line (female this time) who started the whole process over again. She was able to resolve my simple enquiry but it had taken over 15 minutes since i amde the 1st call.

    I was extremely concerned about confidentiality and privacy. I understand that i was speaking to a call centre in the Philipines. While both people I spoke to seemed to have adequate English – they struggled to deal with the enquiry. I can not understand why in a country like Australia we keep sending our work – private details and employment opportunities overseas. Overall the expereince was most unsettling and I was left feeling very dissatisfied with the level of service.

  9. Nanette Murray says:

    My postage address is incorrect in the Telephone Directory. Please inform me how I can change the address. Thank You

  10. colleen freestone says:

    i have trouble with my t/hub and phone for about 5-6 weeks my phone can not ring kangaroo flat ,only kangroo flat so i can not ring family members ,one of which is 90 years old ,i have tried to ring kangaroo flat from the pay phone across the road but still no getting through to kangaroo flat ,i have rang telstra a number of times ,but i get this lady who i can not understand ,and she has no idea what to do ,so aftyer manytimes trying to understand her i went in to bendigo telstra in the market place ,but all they did was make me waite a lone time and then this young came out and said all she can do is give me a mumber to ring ,so now i am so pissed off ,all i want is for telstar to come out to my house and find the problom ,also my touch pad on my t/hub has not worked for the same amount of time.i am realy fed up with being pushed from one place to another and still have the same problums,it needs to be fixed by telstyra at no cost to me ,and i dont think i have to pay for anything .caz it is telstras problum not mine.i am sick of all the time that is wasted trying to get it fixed.

  11. Adrian says:

    Our business mobile phones were migrated to Telstra from Vodafone last week – however my colleague’s mobile number has experienced a porting issue and cannot receive calls from either other mobile phones or landlines that are non-Telstra services.
    As it is a sales persons mobile that has been affected – this is causing loss of income and a huge amount of frustration for the company and for my colleague.
    We have called Telstra on 24 April 2012 to have the issue escalated to a level 3 case, however have been told we must wait 7-10 business days for the issue to be resolved.
    This is totally unacceptable for a business every day we cannot receive incoming calls to my colleague’s mobile is a day we are losing business and income.
    Please have somebody who is able to resolve this issue asap contact me to discuss.

    • Danielle Clarke says:

      Hi Adrian, I’ve asked our customer care team to get in touch with you. I’m sorry to hear of your frustrations. Regards, Danielle

  12. trevor bower says:

    reading the intro to mytelstraexperience was all about manners and politeness etc however as the majority of messages show this is not being put into practice by telstra in the way they treat their customers i have a 4 page story of incompetence and bungling by telstra and its employees which reflects this. as far as getting rplies to queries good luck everyone.

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