04 Nov 2009
By Kristen Boschma

Welcome to Telstra Exchange

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Thank you for visiting our new corporate blog. I hope you’ve had the time to view our CEO David Thodey’s welcome video, and more importantly, I hope you’ll subscribe by RSS or email and become a regular reader and commenter.

This new site is really about you – whether you’re a Telstra customer, shareholder, employee or just someone with an interest in our organisation, we’re very interested to learn about you and what you need and want from us. We’ve been gathering information via our Feedback Blog and survey over the past few weeks, but with your further input, this site will be continually evolving.  For example, if you missed our AGM today we announced that we will drop the $2.20 administration fee for bill payments made over-the-counter or by mail after listening to feedback from customers and shareholders.

You’ll find that this blog is divided into two sections: Telstra Now and View Point.

  • Telstra Now is where you can find news about Telstra and discussions that our people lead about all aspects of our business, its impact on communities and relationships, and the possibilities our networks and technology creates.
  • View Point contains blogs about technology from every view.  It covers industry issues, trends and themed topics like technology and social norms, user tips and examples of how we incorporate communications technology in everyday life.

Within this structure we’re hoping we can inform the online conversation by introducing the people behind Telstra.  People like our senior leaders David Thodey, David Quilty or Michael Lawrey, or hands-on employees like internet guru Jono Haysom and social media guy Mike Hickinbotham. We’ve also constructed some community guidelines to ensure all of you get the most from discussions on this blog.

As for me, I’ll be the overall leader of conversations on this site.  Obviously I’m not in charge of everything that happens at Telstra (thank goodness), but I can find the people who make it happen – and I know there are a ton of people here at Telstra who are listening via this site.

Just a quick note about customer issues. This is a great place to have a conversation with and about Telstra. It isn’t a first port-of-call to get individual problems resolved and we won’t aim to replace any existing Telstra customer support services and teams.  Rather, this is the place to talk about how we can do things better for everybody rather than solving individual issues.

I’m looking forward to hearing your first impressions, so please leave any feedback in a comment below.  Over time I look forward to getting to know you better, whether we’re talking Australian telecommunications, the questions you’d like to ask Telstra’s senior executives or even the latest happenings on MasterChef.

Feel free to check out my Telstra Exchange profile and follow me on twitter to get to know me better. You can also send me a note or ask a question via the contact us page or share any thoughts about this website. 

First things first though: What do you think of your first look of Telstra Exchange?


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  1. Deena Read says:

    My husband and I moved into our new house on the 22 November 2009 we tried to have our phone line connected only to be told we would have to wait until mid December, we where then advised there would be a delay and they would not be able to connect it until January at the latest. We where then told they could not connect it until Febuary 26 and now today we received a call stating they can not get a contractor out until 28th April. Unless we get another phone call from Telstra saying they can not connect the line for what ever reason perhaps it will be to cold or maybe to hot or even the wind is blowing in the wrong direction it will be 6 months of waiting for a phone line.

    Perhaps they should change the company name to NOT going to connect your phone line but give us all ya money.

  2. Hi Deena,

    My name’s Scott, and I am part of the @telstra twitter team. Sorry to hear that you’re having issues in getting your home phone line connected.

    I have sent an email to your provided email address. Could you please check this and reply, and we can go from there.



  3. Ms.chutima says:

    My boyfriend is working at cocos island now how he can use his phone?Now he got telstra prepaid sim card.

  4. hi telstra id really like to no if there is anything i can do to get adsl (not wireless please) i live in Brooklyn park and am on a pair gain. im currently paying well over my wireless cap because of uploading my cad drawings and its costing me around 150 a month is there anything i can do!

  5. Deanne says:

    Since moving into Happy Valley, we have been told by two companies that we are on PAIR GAIN lines and therefore unable to get ADSL….. we are using a wireless and its way TOO EXPENSIVE to continue- $200 a mth easy! THat is down right wrong. We have been told its telstras perogative to remove it. We type in our number and it comes up with ADSL available however the further u get into the aplication (we left TPG thinking it was them being idiots as nothing was explained) and now another company has told us the same thing and it keeps getting rejected. We pay our phone bills we do everything right and simply because we move house, are kicked in the teeth. Where do we stand in getting ADSL to our propery…. REYNELLA is the exchange. Desperately needing this access. My fiance is in the army and our only contact esp when he is away interstate is by the internet and mobile phone. We are expecting our first child and it wld be nice to be able to share this time while he is away= and not miss things that change (belly growing). It might seem like nothing to telstra, but for us, its IMPORTANT. Please help us!

    • Brendan O'Keefe [TEX Customer Engagement Manager] says:

      Hello Deanne, Sent you an email this morning. If you can send me a contact number and account number, I’ll get someone to call you. Cheers, Brendan

  6. Damien Foat says:

    Hi there, I would like to get ADSL, when I signed up for an application Shannon advised me that I could get ADSL 2+. He did tests on the line and assured me that I could get ADSL 2+, I now find out 7 days later that I can’t get it, also I had to ring to find out there was no call from Telstra to advise me. It now works out that I’m too far down the line for ADSL2 and I can only get ADSL 1 at 2gb a month (what a joke) or Wireless which I’m currently on, which I might say is a low usage plan for an expensive price, and poor coverage. When will Telstra build a new exchange in my area or upgrade technology.

    • Ben C says:

      I feel your pain, had the same problem but we have no ports left in our exchange and i have a pair gain on my line. i could be waiting years for an available port. Its very unfair that we are paying the same price adsl2 and we get way less on mobile broadband.

  7. Sydney Lawrence says:

    Hi Kristen and wish you well. A couple of questions. Why would, considering the requirements for instantaneous news transfer by modern telecommunications, would you still advertise that David Quilty is still in the employ of Telstra. Secondly, would you be so kind as to inform me of the date of the Telstra information discussion in Brisbane. Thanks.

    • Brendan O'Keefe [T-EX Customer Engagement Manager] says:

      Hi Syd, David Quilty’s profile update was in error. It’s been fixed up now. I’m goung to look into the Brisbane info session and email you the details. All the best. Brendan.

  8. Sydney Lawrence says:

    G’Day Brendan and thanks for your reply. Have been advised that the Brisbane discussion is tomorrow (2nd) and is located at Lennons Hotel at 9am when all will be revealed.

    • Brendan O'Keefe [T-EX Customer Engagement Manager] says:

      That’s right Syd, Enjoy the presentation by John Stanhope t the Shareholder Information Meeting. Brendan.

  9. Mark Bygrave says:

    Hi I’m wishfully thinking that there may be some way that I can get removed from being on a pair gain line.

    After signing up for a phone line from Telstra at $80 connection and $20 a month for a min of 3 months I get told by my internet provider that I cant get internet because I’m on a pair gain lines. So I go to cancel my phone line as it is no longer required and they want to slug me another $100.

    not having reliable internet is killing me with work and loosed clients and is now starting to cost me work and money through losing clients not being able send me large emails.

    The worst thing is I’m in a new estate only 40Km (as the birds fly) from the city and my next door neighbor has been able to get internet but I can not.

    Is there a way?

    P.s I’m in the Mernda exchange.

  10. Cassie says:


    Like Mark above, I am having major problems getting any form of internet to my property in Enfield, SA (about 15mins drive from the Adelaide CBD) due to Telstra’s use of pair gain. I have tried every ISP in South Australia and no one can provide us with any landline service due to to pair gain or any wireless service due to the lack of a line of sight to the exchange. I have complained to Telstra on multiple occassions and no one will tell me why the pair gain system was used – they just refuse to do anything about it or help me find a workable solution to my internet access problems.

  11. Ben Mckenzie says:


    we have been living in our residence for over ten years now. we have had our name on a waiting list for ADSL and still have had no call. we have been told that because we have pair gain line we cannot have any other internet bar wireless. this is absolutely ridiculous we have/are paying a lot for our broadband which every month caps within 3 weeks. when will telstra listen to us and fix our line?? our neighbours have triple the amount of internet for half the price. please let me know what can be done to fix this issue.


  12. Josh says:

    Hi we recently moved to rockhampton and out closest exchange is the frenchville on so we rang telstra to move our service to our new address and found out that there is no ports left for us. They have offered us some 3g wireless crap but the set data a month just wony cut it
    Is there a waiting list or something i find the guys online are better than the people customer service on the phone
    There isnt any ports for adsl eithrt

  13. Trent says:

    Hi I live in indooroopilly in the middle of Brisbane and i have recently moved 1km down the road(had adsl2 at old address), i have been told by telstra that there is no available Adsl2 port at my new address and there is nothing i can do. I find it extremely difficult to beleive that there are no adsl ports left in indooroopilly. Customer service only tell me there is nothing more i can do and provide to further information. I need an adsl2 connection to complete my online univesity studies starting in 2weeks! Wireless is not a viable alternative due to cost and data limits. It is inconprehensible that in 2012 in the middle of a major city that i am not able to get an adsl connection?!

  14. Andrew says:


    I have recently taken over a business and am billed through ACN for two telephone lines. We were lead to believe one was for the Eftpos machine and the other for the phone. This is incorrect as when the phone is in use the eftpos machine fails. There are no other phone outlest in the building. ACN has advised us to contact Telstra and this will be resolved. Is this correct?
    Please advise. Thanks


  15. yvette says:


    My family and I have just moved into a new house and have been told we are on pair gain and cannot access any adsl internet. I have just returned to part-time work after maternity leave and complete a fair amount of work at home accessing the internet and the wireless rates are going to be too expensive for us. I feel that in some ways this could be discriminatory on the grounds of family responsibilities as my family responsibilities require me to work from home and the lack of telstra adsl access (in a metro area) is preventing me from doing this.

    I have done some research and have not been told whether our pair gain problem is due to small pair gain exchange or a large PG system as these appear to be quite different problems. Telstra/bigpond over the phone also did not explain to me whether there was enough copper to complete a transposition or not.

    It would be great if someone could explain to me exactly what the nature of the pair gain issue is, I do have some technical training and would appreciate more of an explanation than just – ‘you’re on pair gain, no adsl for you.’

    Thank you

  16. Ben says:

    I currently cannot get ADSL at my home due to being too far from the exchange. Directly opposite my property, a large community sports centre is being built. No doubt they will have to have ADSL computer access due to the number of sporting clubs that will operate from there. I have rung Telstra to determine if our exchange will be upgraded in the near future to cater for this sporting complex, as it will enable me to access ADSL. I am currently using wireless which is expensive and slow. Unfortunately whilst very pleasant, the Telstra assistant could not provide me any advice. Does any one know who I should contact within Telstra to get a heads up on whether ADSL may be on its way to my area. It is in Barmaryee Road, Barmaryee (Yeppoon 4703) QLD. Thanks!!!

  17. Clayton says:

    We recently moved to Point Cook Melbourne. We were told we’d have a modem sent out for the fiber optic and our phoneline connected almost a month ago now. With such bad mobile reception there’s no other option but to go down to the telstra store every week to use their phones and inquire as to why no one seems capable of simply connecting the phone. We’re passed from department to department and nothing is ever done despite the promises of resolving the issue.
    It’s disappointing, this is what telstra do, it shouldn’t be this difficult to connect the phone and send out a modem. We were even told our package had been activated and ready to go, but that means nothing without a phone or internet.
    Now with Christmas coming up, we’re not sure if we are going to even be able to call up family and friends, let alone losing work due to being unable to have access to the internet.
    It would be appreciated if telstra could please resolve this as soon as possible. Enough of the false statements and simply tell us if we can get our phone and internet connected or not.

    • Gigi [Telstra Staff] says:

      Hi Clayton,

      Thanks for the post – I can appreciate why this is so frustrating. Can I grab a few details from you and get one of our customer service team members to contact you? If you fill out this form, we’ll be in touch:

      - Gigi.

  18. Justin Cramond says:

    Hello, I have a big request to ask of Telstra and I hope someone help me. I live in a small community town of Merriwagga, NSW and due to a lack of an ADSL service, I’m looking into supplying my own vdsl dslam (VC820M) link: and my big question will be is can I purchase an approved vdsl dslam and have it connected to my home via the lead-in pair?
    Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards


  19. Allison says:

    Have just moved into a established house that Telstra are saying I cannot get Internet as im too far from the exchange. I live 10 minutes from the city. My neighbors have the Internet. Why in today’s age am I unable to get it? I do not live in the middle of nowhere. You can give me a phone service. Not only that but when signing up Telstra said we can get it, then 2 days after connection date my husband phones them to find the connection is on hold. Thanks Telstra you have such good customer service. Apprieciated the courtsey call to let us know of the issue. We have been told all we can do is use the slow, limited, expensive USB modem. Wow that’s going to help by kids and their studying needs. Oh and I can forget starting my business for the next 12 months as ive signed on to stay is this rental for 12 months. Before I signed I checked Telstras website to ensure coverage. What a load of rubbish. This house has had foxtel so whats the real reason for not being able to use this 21 century service.

    • Az [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi Allison,
      I can absolutely understand how frustrating and inconvenient this situation is for you. Please make contact with our 24×7 Live Chat team and they will be able to investigate the issue further for you.

  20. Peter says:

    Does removing my post remove my issue with Telstra???

    You are a strange company.


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