by Jeremy Kwong-Law (Guest)

Jeremy Kwong-Law is one of the co-founders of Vistr, along with Mark Collins and Alex Sze. Vistr is one of nine innovative start-ups in the inaugural muru-D accelerator

Owning a small business can be very rewarding, but it takes a lot of hard work. Between managing teams, marketing your business and getting your product or service to your customers sometimes the most important things can get overlooked. Cash flow ultimately determines the survival and growth of your business, but often it’s one area which can be neglected – until it’s too late.

There have always been ways of monitoring cash flow forecasts, usually requiring hiring a full time accountant or book-keeper. But now, with the advances in cloud software, you can manage and improve your cash flow easily, quickly and cheaply. 


by Jackie Coates

For over a decade, Telstra Kids Fund has been supporting the little things that make a big difference to kids’ lives: everything from worm farms to reading nooks, bouncing balls to veggie patches, educational resources to arts and crafts.

Backed by the Telstra Foundation, this grassroots community program has provided thousands of grants to local non-profit groups, helping more than a million kids to play and learn.

At the heart of the program are Telstra employees who nominate where the dollars are donated and help direct the company’s philanthropic giving.  Telstra Kids helps connect children with a brilliant future in the communities where Telstra staff live and work.


by Jamie Waterhouse

My first mobile phone was a Nokia 3310; a clunky old thing that my mum insisted I carry for safety.

I didn’t want it at first, but its little green and black screen grew on me quickly. I soon found myself playing snake to pass the time, as did my friends.

We all could spend days playing that game of snake – all without recharging the phone!


by Zeek Power (Guest)

Zeek Power has just been named the winner of Telstra’s 2nd Chance Song competition, with his playful, urban interpretation of  Bob Evans’ modern classic “Don’t You Think It’s Time”. Read his story.

When I found out I won the competition, I was genuinely surprised. It was a bit of a shock to find out that I’d been selected in the top three, so actually winning was a pretty awesome bonus! My entry was recorded in only one take and featured my signature loop beats, synth and loads of energy.

The best thing about winning is how excited my mum and dad are. I grew up in a musical family in Brisbane and they have a big influence on the music I create today. It’s actually thanks to my family that I entered the competition! My little sister sent me a Facebook link to the entry form, saying it reminded her of me. Seeing as it was a covers comp, I thought it’d be fun to give it a shot. Really, I just want to have fun with it – I never imagined I would actually win!


by Anthea Roberts

Nothing brings a home to life like one connected to the NBN.

And as a regular visitor, I see how the NBN is benefitting Ballarat residents firsthand.

How? Simply, it makes life easier.

The NBN helps get everyone online at the same time without slowing things down. It also expands access to digital entertainment – I don’t know about you, but I love streaming content on different screens around the home.

I also see how the NBN is benefiting the community as a whole; marking a new era of connectivity for our locals. Whether it’s through entertainment, health, small business or schoolwork, the arrival of the NBN provides a range of new services and applications to us all.

The Telstra Projections Competition rejoices in the possibilities of living in a NBN connected city,  encouraging local children to submit artwork under the theme of Ballarat’s Brilliant Connected Future” between 18 August and 6 October, 2014.

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