by Tim O'Leary

I’m pleased to share with you Telstra’s Bigger Picture 2014 Sustainability Report.

Our approach to sustainability has evolved and matured considerably over the past few years, and FY14 has been no exception.

This year, we’ve worked to address the issues that matter most to our business and stakeholders, and to embed social and environmental considerations into the heart of our business.


by Doug MacDougall

As a kid, I loved losing myself in the fantasy worlds my favourite movies would embed in my imagination.

One night I could be throwing around a light saber with Master Yoda, the next I could be hunting treasure with Indiana Jones.

I could go anywhere for my next adventure, sporting the same powers as the caped crusader I’d watched the night before. As an invincible superhero, the universe was truly my oyster.

This month, Starlight Children’s Foundation is celebrating how important this sort of positive distraction is for thousands of sick children around Australia, with the launch of the 21st annual Starlight Movie Month.


by Andrew Volard

Once upon a time smartphones came in one size. But with the rise in video content we’ve seen screens getting bigger and bigger, with 5 inch and now even 6 inch displays on offer.

But there’s a countervailing trend going on. It seems small is big again, thanks to the introduction of a raft of compact smartphones for those of us who like a traditional sized screen.

The HTC One Mini 2 is the latest compact smartphone and is due to hit our stores on 2 September. We have it exclusively in Gold (pictured after the jump) and it’s also available in Gun Metal.


by Jamie Waterhouse

When we announced Telstra Thanks Thursday’s, we were very excited – and every week we’ve been loving our free movie rental! And we know you have too, ’cause you’ve been telling us on social media.

However, some of you have also told us that you’ve been a bit confused when trying to redeem your free rental.

Well, no need to worry! You just need to grab your unique code from the Thanks Movies website, before renting one of three free on your compatible device.

If you’re unsure where to get the code or how to use it, just follow the instructions below. There’s also a handy video below that you can watch if you’re still confused.


by Ben Glimmerveen

Wearables‘ have become a buzz word in tech recently. They can track your steps, count your calories, measure your sleep and give you notifications on the move – and the product we’re announcing today will take the wearables to a whole new level.

The Jabra Pulse, a set of smart headphones that acts as a training buddy on your workout, is the latest wearable to join our range.

The earphones connect via Bluetooth and NFC, meaning customers with NFC devices can connect to the Jabra Pulse with a tap of a button.

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