by Ben Glimmerveen

Wearables‘ have become a buzz word in tech recently. They can track your steps, count your calories, measure your sleep and give you notifications on the move – and the product we’re announcing today will take the wearables to a whole new level.

The Jabra Pulse, a set of smart headphones that acts as a training buddy on your workout, is the latest wearable to join our range.

The earphones connect via Bluetooth and NFC, meaning customers with NFC devices can connect to the Jabra Pulse with a tap of a button.


by Jay Batten

360 million people suffer from hearing loss across the world. This includes 3.5 million Australians – and I’m one of them.

As Hearing Awareness Week kicked off on Monday, I thought it would be a great time to share my story.

In my late teens, I was classified as being hearing impaired with profound hearing loss in both ears of high frequencies. To this day we still don’t know the cause. At the time, I didn’t think much of it as I had managed to get through high school with the occasional, “Sorry?” and “What?” I was a teen after all – I wasn’t supposed to be concentrating most of the time!

For many years I refused to believe it affected me. I refused to wear hearing aids as I didn’t like the look of them. Because I never committed to them, I didn’t realise how much they would help. I was in denial, a common occurrence in those with hearing loss.

It wasn’t until I met the girl of my dreams that I finally had the motivation to change. She encouraged me to look past my superficial worries, and accept that I needed hearing aids to get the most out of life.


by Mike Wright

Telstra customers in selected pockets of Sydney and Adelaide CBDs will soon be able to access the next generation of 4G services after we secured early access to the 700 MHz spectrum for commercial trials starting in mid September.

Once switched on, customers using compatible devices in these trial locations will experience the fastest mobile data speeds in Australia. 4G services on 700MHz spectrum will be rolled out in more cities and regional centres as spectrum becomes available in January 2015.


by Karsten Wildberger

This Friday I’ll be wearing purple – with purpose.

That’s because Telstra is proudly supporting Wear It Purple Day so we can show young people in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) community that we support and respect them exactly as they are.

Wear It Purple is designed to raise awareness in schools, workplaces, unis and across the community that we all have the right to be proud of who we are. Sexuality or gender identity does not change this.

We want everyone, including our own people, to feel included and celebrated for who they are so they can contribute fully to whatever life offers them. After all, our purpose as a company is to create a brilliant connected future for everyone – and we mean everyone.


by Eleni Stefanovski

With the tap of a button or swipe of your screen, apps create endless possibilities. Browsing, reading, shopping, navigation – there’s little they can’t help you do.

For those who like a little Jimmy Choos with their online news, there are some fabulous fashion apps to make the train ride to work a little more exciting. Here are my top four FREE fashion apps.

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