by Ben Tyers

Your phone beeps. You look the screen and there’s a glorious lolcat from your BFF.

As you laugh at your phone, you march on, carefree and full of hope. While your journey forward is short as you gaze upon this amazing cat, not for a second do you consider it may be fraught with danger.

But when you text and walk, there is always danger.

If only there was a solution…

In April 2012, the city of Philadelphia took this in hand as they played an elaborate April Fools’ joke on their citizens – they set up ‘texting only’ lanes on the footpath.

And while it was just a prank, it apparently had some serious clout behind it because two years on the city of Chongqing in Southwest China have introduced a dedicated smartphone sidewalk– and this time, it’s for real.


by Monty Hamilton

I’m excited to announce that Telstra will be hosting the 2014 Australian Digital Summit again this year. It will kick off on Monday, October 20, at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney.

Each year we hold this event, I see how digital is evolving and becoming even more pervasive and our 3rd annual event will look into the emergence of digital into the physical world. We’ll explore how new technology is disrupting traditional businesses, and the opportunities for corporate and start-ups to complement each other.

We know digital is changing the way we all work and how businesses operate. We’re experiencing this change every day at Telstra, and our digital journey has us moving rapidly to meet the demands of our customers – for example, our 24×7 mobile app or our payment partnership with PayPal. Adapting and evolving for the digital economy doesn’t happen by chance – you need the right culture, strategy and plan to future-proof your career and your business.


by Gerd Schenkel

Today I was honoured to be joined by the Hon Andrew Constance, Treasurer of NSW, Robert ‘Scobelizer’ Scoble from San Francisco and many of our partners, as we celebrated the opening the Sydney Digital Transformation Centre.

This new space is now the Sydney home of Digital First, our company-wide program to become a leader in the application of digital tools and methods with the aim to improve customer experience and reduce cost dramatically.


by Ann Parker

With just a few days left to apply for muru-D, I thought it would be useful to talk about what will happen next after we close the application window on Monday next week.

I’d love to tell you we have an algorithm that reviews all the applications automatically and picks out the ones that best fit our requirements, but the truth is we do all of this manually.

Every fully completed application will get reviewed by at least three people to make sure there’s a balanced review. We then meet the top 40 or so teams face-to-face before we decide on the top 20-25 teams that we’ll invite to muru-D bootcamp.


by Jamie Waterhouse

As the days get longer and the sun grows warmer, one thing’s for sure: summer is coming.

Park parties, bike rides and afternoon pub-meals, suddenly people you haven’t seen in months start calling to make plans.

Suddenly, everyone comes out of hibernation.

And this is a good thing, of course, because sometimes the best things in life are shared.

And from today that’s exactly what we want you to do – share the feeling!

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