by Julian Lucas (Guest)

For a large part, being a filmmaker is full of uncertainty.

You shoot blindly in a creative direction and hope more than anything that someone out there enjoys what you create.

This happens to be just one of the many reasons that winning the Telstra MOFILM competition is so special. It’s one of those rare moments that reassures you that you’re on the right path; that perhaps you do have some talent after all.


by Kasey Chambers (Guest)

I’m excited about tonight’s ARIA awards because it is always one of my most favourite nights of the year. I always get to hang out with friends, listen to great live music and do some star spotting along the way (I can’t help but ask for a few autographs and get a few selfies with celebrities!).

Tonight I will be presenting the award for Best Blues and Roots album, which is close to my heart as I have been brought up and influenced by a lot of this style of music. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with artists such as Bernard Fanning, John Butler and Harry Hookey who have all been nominated in this category at some stage.


by Inese Kingsmill

Twenty years ago we wore pastel colours as we purchased the latest CD.

Then hipsters hanging out in their parent’s garages taught us about digital music downloads, and it didn’t matter what you wore listening to music because no-one could see you.

Our love affair with music is still going strong, regardless of how we get our hands on it. Today, it isn’t about where you are or what you’re wearing, but how much you’ve got going at once. Our devices can connect us to our favourite tunes, sometimes all at once!

In fact more than half of all Australians like to watch something both online (on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop) while they’re watching TV.

This gives them the opportunity to get closer than ever before to who and what they’re watching on TV. The simplest example is probably when TV shows promote a hashtag to drive conversation onto twitter about a program.


by Maryanne Tsiatsias

I love Christmas time; it’s great being able to take time out to catch up with family and friends. And it’s a great excuse to enjoy delicious food!

Of course, one of the best things about Christmas is the gift giving.

This Christmas we’d like to give our Telstra Pre-Paid Freedom customers a treat of our own by significantly increasing the data allowances on all of our Pre-Paid Freedom recharge values.

The bigger data allowances, which replace our existing double data offer, means you can now get even more out of your Telstra Pre-Paid Freedom service and enjoy the benefits of being connected in more places on Australia’s largest and most reliable mobile network.

The even better news about this present is that it’s not just for Christmas – these new data allowances are permanent!


by Nick Broomfield

The holiday season is almost upon us and that means it’s time for gift shopping. But when it comes to buying a present I often find myself walking around aimlessly from store to store thinking I never know what to get her or he’s so hard to buy for.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a similar situation, I have a gift idea that just might delight some of your hardest to shop for…


A tablet is the perfect gift because it puts all the things a person may be interested in and passionate about at their fingertips like movies, books, games, shopping, cooking – the list goes on. It’s just about picking the right tablet for the right person.

So to help guide your gift giving this holiday season, here’s a look at six new tablets set to join our range just in time for Christmas.

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