by Andrew Bogg

In October last year the Blue Mountains experienced bushfires which burnt with such ferocity and speed that over 200 homes in the Winmalee and Yellow Rock areas were lost within a 48 hour period.

I experienced the devastation of these fires first hand, both as a Winmalee resident and in my capacity as the Telstra Area General Manager for the Blue Mountains. Through the courage of my neighbours and tireless efforts of the rural fire service, my home was lucky to escape any damage. Many of my friends and Telstra colleagues were not as fortunate – losing homes and possessions to the fires.

Through the devastation, I felt enormously proud to work for Telstra and to be in a position where I could support my local community by engaging with Telstra’s people and resources.


by Andy Giles-Knopp

In theory, the holiday period is when small business owners ‘shut down’ from day-to-day operations, and start to unwind from the year that was. Realistically however, as a business owner, you are never really ‘closed’. There might still be stock to order, emails to answer, and most importantly, this is the time of year business owners are thinking strategically, taking the business’ ‘pulse’, and planning for the year ahead.

Although business is still very much on the brain, Will Irving, Group Managing Director of Telstra Business, says it’s still critical business owners take some down time over the Christmas break.


by Tracey Grimson

Welcome to your weekly Telstra Media wrap, where we bring you the five biggest news stories from the week, every Friday.

It is with extreme sadness that my team and I reported the intense, tragic siege in Sydney this week. The nation watched in horror as it unfolded, and I extend my condolences to the families of those who lost their lives. Sky News followed the entire terrifying event as it continued through the night, and covered the tributes paid by families at the shrine in Martin Place. All we can do in these situations is report the facts as sensitively as possible.

Around the rest of the network, and on a much lighter note, there was a meteor shower early Monday morning that brought star-gazers (and amateurs like myself) out into the night air to take in the amazing sight.

Early the next morning before work I hit up LifeStyle (as I regularly do now when I’m left flailing for a meal with little time or energy) and, as always, they came through with the goods. Their awesome breakfast recipes collection had me sorted. I noticed another recipe collection that I slotted into my bookmarks too: Christmas breakfast recipes. Time to impress the rellies.


by Tim O'Leary

Since 1872, when the 3,200 kilometer overland telegraph was laid between Darwin and Port Augusta, Telstra has had a real and on-the-ground intersection with Indigenous people and communities.

For more than a century we’ve worked to connect rural and regional Australia and as technology as evolved, we’ve come to understand the importance of promoting Indigenous digital excellence, and the challenges involved.


by John Ieraci

The internet presents a world of social connectivity, economic growth and endless opportunities to innovate.

The rapid rate of technology evolution has fundamentally changed the nature of telecommunications service providers such as ourselves. Telcos have moved to becoming a business partner in accelerating digital adoption and collaboration between employees, suppliers and, most importantly, customers.

Unfortunately, some people use this rapidly changing technology landscape to do harm. These can be individuals, issue-motivated groups, cyber criminals or nation states.They present a cyber threat.

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